8 easy way to get us visa

8 easy way to get us visa

We're delivering, in this article, some info on how to get us (going to) America. America is considered by most foreigners as the ideal place to go to. But, nowadays, getting into America is not as uncomplicated as it was. Nevertheless, there are simple methods to get a visa to America even under the current unpredictable government policies.

The United States has numerous visa types, along with a range of classifications for those visas. One of the most popular ways to obtain a work visa is by   Job-Based   category. Individuals who are hoping for permanent work permits can apply for visas in the categories 1 to 5 of the EB series.

1.EB-1 visa:

One disadvantage is solved in EB-1 urgency. For example, exceptional abilities in certain fields and knowledge about a subject. In addition, if you have good expertise in the field of research, you can get a work visa for a company. However, in these cases, specific prerequisites are applied.

2.EB-2 visa:

If an individual has a specific ability or has contributed greatly to their education, that person can apply for a position on a permanent basis. In this circumstance, he should receive an offer letter from an American business based on his talents.

EB-3 visa:

In this category, skilled workers or skilled professionals can get visas in America. However, there must be a job offer letter from an American company regarding the skills. In this case, it will be verified whether it is easy to find workers in the United States. If you have skilled manpower in America, you will not get a visa.

EB-4 visa:

the US issues special immigrant visas. Immigrants are granted permanent work visas only under the provisions of the country’s Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). These include spouses of former NATO personnel or former NATO personnel, doctors, members of the armed forces, people who know the languages ​​of Iraq and Afghanistan and can translate into English, religious figures, or workers. In this case, no job offer letter is required.

EB-5 visa:

If you have the money to go to America and become an entrepreneur, you can get a visa. However, if you want to get a visa in this category, you have to go to America and start a business and have the ability to employ at least 10 Americans. To get a visa in the EB-5 category, one has to invest at least 5 lakh dollars or more than 4 crore Bangladeshi rupees.

However, even if you do not have the opportunity to get a visa in the top 5 categories, there are a few more opportunities for you. These are:

Employment-Based Job Offers:

You can get a visa if an American organization sends you an offer letter with the opportunity to work there. In this case, before giving the offer letter to the organization, one has to get a certificate from the country’s ‘Department of Labor’ (DOL) and apply for permission to hire migrant workers. In this category, the United States issues 140,000 visas each year.

Family or Spouse:

As long as you have citizenship of your household or a legally authorized partner, you can get a passport to travel to the United States. You can travel with a spouse or family member if you live with or are engaged to an American citizen.

 However, the engagement must be valid and must be at least two years after the engagement. Then the person you are engaged to can apply to take you to America. In this case, for the first time, you will get at least 90 days visa.


You can receive a US visa in order to purchase a qualification in the country. In the process, you will not be authorized to remain permanently in the United States. However, if you get a job offer from a company related to you during your training, you can come back to the United States if necessary.

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